About Us

Psychiatry-Cloud is a software and services provider focused exclusively on the psychiatry, psychology and behavioral health communities

We built a complete suite of software solutions for behavioral health practices. As dedicated partners, we’ll support you every step of the way by taking over administrative burdens and ensuring you operate more profitably. We’re physician owned and we’ve helped thousands of physicians thrive over nearly 20 years. Our solutions will give you peace of mind and the freedom to practice the way you want. Partner up with us to ensure your patient care reflects a deep commitment to excellence.

Cloud Based EMR for Mental Health
We’re part of WRS Health, an award-winning company which began as a certified EMR/PM company. Our services are delivered by experts in all aspects of clinical, billing and operations. We offer specific tools necessary for Behavioral Health practices to maximize:
  • patient care
  • billing & reimbursement
  • risk & reputation management
These include:
  • patient psychosocial assessments
  • structured history
  • treatment and monitoring tools
  • medication management
Our focus is on psychiatry, psychology and behavioral health. With our advanced and easy to use EHR you’ll have access to our vast forms library and structured patient medical records. Uniquely designed to optimize patient care in mental health private practices, they include:
  • PHQ-9
  • GAD-7
Our assessment tools also include Psych Specific Standard Questionnaires such as:
  • AIMS
  • CES-D
Best mental health emr

We make it easy to get started. There are standalone solutions that can be set up quickly, with or without our full software suite. From Front Office, RCM and EHR, they all seamlessly work together with the tools used by your practice every day.

We’ll systematically identify the root causes that lower your profits and revenue and work with your team to address them.

Psychiatry-Cloud has recruited world class leadership to our team and utilized their insight, content knowledge and experience to deliver unparalleled software for all aspects of your practice.


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