A Mental Health EHR Designed For Behavioral Health Practices

Therapeutic options available today have increased dramatically due to the growth in psychopharmacological agents. With more choices, come more complicated treatment options. Designed for psychiatrists, the Psychiatry-Cloud EHR automates most of the tasks associated with the order entry and medication management process. The system risks and allowing you to spend more time focused on your patients instead of data entry.

Powered by WRS Health, Psychiatry-Cloud provides a web-based electronic health record software platform that integrates every aspect of your practice from in-office and Telehealth appointment scheduling, e-prescribing and medications management through Revenue Cycle Management.

Increase Access to Care for Patients

Psychiatry-Cloud allows you to see patients remotely using our telehealth functionality. It is fully integrated into the EHR allowing you a single platform to manage the virtual patient encounter from appointment scheduling through revenue cycle management.
Psychiatry Cloud Mental Health EHR templates and tools
Psychiatry Cloud EHR - Scalable EHR

Scalable To Any Size Practice

Psychiatry-Cloud has been designed to work as an EHR/EMR for both solo behavioral health practitioners and larger practices with multiple specialties and disciplines; such as psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health counselors, therapists as well as other medical and behavioral health organizations.

All The Content And Tools You Need

Psychiatry-Cloud includes all the content, templates and tools needed, including DSM-IV-R / DSM-V, as well as the functionality important to behavioral health practices such as e-Rx, electronic connectivity with labs for sending orders and receiving results via the EMR and the ability to generate patient and financial reports.

Designed by psychiatrists and other mental health professionals, we provide the ability to quickly chart and track assessments, treatment plans, medications, progress notes and more while still keeping full attention on the patient.
Psychiatry Cloud EHR templates and tools