Virtual Assistants for Your Mental Health Practice

As a psychiatrist, you work hard to get things done. Virtual assistants fill an important role. They allow you to do your job, which is to spend more time with patients. Having a practice that is well run also provides an impression of professionalism.
  • Flexibility – they work on your schedule
  • Training – no downtime training someone new
  • Convenience – reduce your office administrative tasks

Real Success Stories

"Our Virtual Front Desk Assistants understood the practice’s workflows and hit the ground running almost immediately. They have done an excellent job in providing the best customer service to our patients with a minimum amount of training needed on our part. We have an open and flawless communication flow between our staff and the virtual assistants."

The Advantages of Using Virtual Front Desk Service

Your trained Virtual Front Desk Assistant frees Front Desk staff to focus on the patient in the waiting room, leading to fewer no-shows, and higher patient satisfaction rates.
  • Eligibility – check eligibility 24 or 48 hours in advance (practice choice) of your current patient appointment list
  • Appointment Reminder Confirmations – call patients in advance to remind/confirm their appointment details
  • Collections – call your patients to make payments on their current account balance
  • Chart Check – check the patient’s chart in advance of the appointment to verify labs, referrals, in network status
  • Telehealth Visits – Our VFDA can engage with patients prior to their appointment to ensure they can properly access the online appointment.

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