Integrated billing

Psychiatry-Cloud behavioral health billing software

Its Starts When An Appointment Is Scheduled

Designed for psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and other mental health professionals, Psychiatry-Cloud’s Billing and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) integrates every part of your practice so you can get paid quickly and accurately.

When a patient appointment is scheduled, insurance eligibility is automatically checked 72 hours prior to the appointment and again every 4 hours until the appointment time. Coverage information flows into the patient record, and your practice is prompted to collect copayments and coinsurance at check-in. For patients who carry a balance, invoices are automated.

Custom Claims Rules Engine for Psychiatry & Behavioral Health Practices

Psychiatry-Cloud EHR Billing & RCM contains a sophisticated custom rules engine that continually updates the system with relevant ICD-10 and CPT codes, including add-on codes.

When you chart a visit, the charge seamlessly flows to the claim for submission without the need for re-keying on your claims. Paper superbills and dual entry of data are eliminated.
Psychiatry-Cloud behavioral health billing software Claims Rules Engine
Psychiatry Cloud billing software for mental health professionals

Get Paid Quicker – See Deposits Faster

Money deposits as well as payment entries are posted and adjusted automatically for you. That is the level of sophistication and control that the EHR platform provides. By tightly controlling the payment and posting workflow, Psychiatry-Cloud frees your billing staff for higher level billing functions.

Electronic deposits and automatic payments are integrated within the system. Electronic payment happens on average two weeks sooner than paper checks, which has a dramatic impact on your practice’s cash flow.

Financial Accountability – Catch Problems Before They Happen

The entire Psychiatry-Cloud EHR workflow is infused with financial accountability. To have a well-run medical office, billing can’t be separated from registration, charting, scheduling, patient portal, and other functions in the system.
For that reason, all interactions on the mental health EHR platform are designed to capture data quickly and correctly and alerts you when there may be an impact on billing.
Psychiatry-Cloud Billing & RCM is designed to help you catch problems before they happen.
Psychiatry Cloud billing software for mental health professionals

Psychiatry-Cloud EHR Billing & RCM Features

Function Included
Custom Pyschiatry Claims Rules Engine
Customize CPT/Procedure codes and fees
Customize Default/Display Fee For Selected Procedure Codes
Auto Populate Same procedure and diagnosis codes for each patient visit
Print Statements (With Date Ranges)
Print Insurance Forms (With Date Ranges)
Electronic Claims Submissions
Easy Setup (input Billing History)
Provider Information By Location Patient was Seen/Treated
Record Payments
Insurance Companies
Manage Deductables
Manage Co-Pays
Manage Discounts
Insurance Authorizations
Reminder Alert When Authorization Is Needed
Supports Multiple Insurance Companies/Patient
Guarantor Custom Settings
Insurance Companies Custom Settings