Interoperability HIE difference psychiatry

Interoperability and HIE: What the Differences are and How They Contribute to the Psychiatry Healthcare IT Environment

For starters, Interoperability is the ability of different information technology systems and software applications to communicate, exchange data, and use the information that has been exchanged. Health Information Exchange (HIE) […]


EHR Interoperability – The Path to Improving Psychiatric Practice Operations

Interoperability has become an integral component of healthcare and value-based delivery. In order to perform and meet the demands of new business models and guidelines, Mental Health providers need to […]

5 Ways Cloud-based EHR Is the Best for Mental Health Providers

5 Ways Cloud-Based EHR Is the Best Choice for Mental Health Providers

Finding the right EHR system is a crucial decision for an independent psychiatric practice. The right EHR will improve your practice’s efficiency, help you attest to Meaningful Use, improve patient […]

Make the most of an EHR

6 Ways a Mental Health Provider Can Make the Most of An EHR

Too many physicians are reporting that their EHR has made life harder on them, instead of easier, as they had anticipated.  In fact, one third of physicians reported a drop […]

Medical Bill Collections

7 Ways to Stop Psychiatry Practice Revenue Loss

Do you frequently have to bill your patients twice, three times, maybe more — just to get the money you’re owed? Does your staff have to make repeated calls? The […]