Schedule Appointment Mental Health

Appointments & Scheduling

As an EHR for psychiatry and behavioral health practices, Psychiatry-Cloud allows you to create your own Appointment Types, such as new patients, support group, as well as any custom types desired. Your calendar view allows you to view your daily, weekly or monthly schedule. Change your personal display time, whether it’s every 15 minutes or hour.

Clinician or practice exceptions such as meetings or holidays are easily implemented into the schedule. Recurrent appointments can be easily created. Whether you see a client one time or on a regular basis, you have the flexibility to create a schedule around the way you work.

Reminders / Automatic Recalls / Health Maintenance

Psychiatry-Cloud EHR Calendar reduces your patient no-shows and saves staff time.

Patients can receive automatic appointment reminder calls, emails and SMS messages. Health maintenance alerts can be created easily to alert patients based on diagnosis, age or any parameters you choose.
Calendar alerts through your psychiatry EHR
Appointment Status Psychiatry EHR

Appointment Status

From appointment creation to updating and canceling, easily view which staff member made changes to an appointment and when.

Easily see which patients confirmed their appointment – either themselves via the patient portal or by a staff member through verbal confirmation. Keep track of which patients rescheduled, cancelled or were a no-show.

Beyond Automatic Billing

When you add a patient to the schedule our billing workflow is already in the works. Psychiatry-Cloud includes an automated Eligibility check on patients insurance to include co-pay, deductibles and out of network benefits.

Psychiatry-Cloud EHR Calendar keeps working for you even after your encounter. Claims are created automatically and a CMS 1500 is readied for submission.
Automatic billing for psychiatry mental health

Psychiatry-Cloud EHR Calendar Features

Function Included
Appointment Type
New Patient
Support Group
Recurrent Appointments
Calendar Time Subdivisions (i.e. 15 minute Time slots)
Sync with other Scheduling software
Mobile Device
Schedule Exceptions (Unavailable Times)
Appointment Status
Cancelled – No Reschedule
Cancelled – Rescheduled
Billing Support
Automated Eligibility Checking
Automated Claims Creation and tracking
CMS 1500 Creation