Services and Solutions


Psychiatry-Cloud’s Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service uses a consultative approach. Together, we work with you and your staff to analyze and set specific KPIs for your practice. Our proven method guides you to achieve these goals and optimize your practice.
Psychiatry-Cloud Billing Services supplies the technology and the resources needed for you to increase your bottom line and reduce your workload. Our experts analyze your practice for RCM gaps and potential revenue opportunities.
CMS rules are continually changing. Together with your staff, we work to ensure your practice has the correct process in place to meet all federal compliance regulations.

Your online presence is something you cannot ignore. It is the first impression you make with most potential new patients and referring providers.

As a Psychiatrist or mental health professional, you work hard to grow your practice. But there many times when you or your staff need help in juggling the many tasks of managing a practice.