EHR for Mental Health

Psychiatry Cloud Mental Health EHR Software

The Complete Mental Health EHR and Practice Management Solution

Psychiatry-Cloud is an EHR for mental health practitioners, including psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, social workers and counselors.

Whether you are a solo-practitioner or part of a multidisciplinary group practice, we provide mental health practice management solutions for scheduling, quick-charting and templates, medication management, streamlined billing and actionable reporting.

Integrated Appointments and Scheduling

Take control of your practice and manage your workflow directly through your EHR with an integrated scheduling and patient appointment calendar that lets you take control of your practice and manage your workflow.
Besides delivering easy to use features such as Appointment Scheduling, Automated Recalls and Reminders, Health Maintenance Alerts, and Appointment Status, your calendar is fully integrated into your billing workflow, tracking claims and making sure you get paid for all services rendered.
Integrated Appointment and Scheduling
Digital Pen for Psychiatry-Cloud

Our Digital Pen Makes Charting a Snap!

The Psychiatry-Cloud EHR for mental health offers a digital pen that is specifically designed for the way you work.

No matter if you are a solo mental health practitioner, work in a clinic setting, a hospital or other facility, the digital pen makes charting a snap. Numerical data including lab values can be quickly entered and tracked over time as tables or graphs, according to your preference.
Data written on a chart with the digital pen is discreetly parsed and automatically entered into the patient’s record. It can even handle comprehensive intake forms with ease.

Medication Management

Psychiatry-Cloud is designed to assist prescribers in medication management. Psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners and physician assistants can quickly identify and lookup medications prescribed by your practice, medications prescribed by other therapists or practices, medications filled under the patient’s insurance plan, as well medications that are self-reported by the patient via the integrated patient portal.
The comprehensive drug database lets you view all medications prescribed to the patient by any physician through the connected pharmacy.
Psychiatry Cloud Behavioral Health EMR

Financial Success With Integrated Billing

Psychiatry-Cloud features a Revenue Cycle Management rules engine specifically designed for behavioral and mental health practices. Powered by WRS Health, we have one of the lowest claim denial rates in the industry,
The Billing System has custom rules and codes specific to mental health. Claims are scrubbed and submitted as part of the electronic health record workflow making charge capture easy. Superbill creation is fast and accurate, assuring you get paid for all services performed.