Practice Management Features

Here are some of the most widely used features that help behavioral health practices elevate their patient experience while saving time for your staff. More features are available beyond the ones highlighted.

Patient Experience

Self-Service Patient Check-In

Give prospective patients flexibility and speed up your check-in process. With the Psychiatry Cloud Self-Service Check-in Module you can: confirm arrival against EHR schedule, verify patient information, enter insurance, select pharmacy, submit co-pay, Check In Patient with updated status and more. It’s optimized for tablet/iPad and designed for use at the medical office.

Patient Portal: benefits for the patients

Our Patient relationships are strengthened with a secure patient portal where all your patient data is encrypted, ensuring HIPAA standards are being met. 

Prior to coming into your office, patients will be able to add all demographic, insurance, and medical information. They will also value the convenience of requesting their Rx refills, viewing lab results, messaging and arranging appointments online.

Patient Portal: benefits for the physicians

As a physician, you can send regular communications through the patient portal such as health education relevant to a diagnosis and health maintenance reminders. You can create your own patient communications or customize standard communications to meet your own goals.

You are the ultimate authority regarding how much data is conveyed to your patients. Your patients can only see what you want them to see: physician notes remain protected.

Efficient Patient Communication

The most valuable asset of a practice is the doctor’s time. Reduce the number of no-shows to optimize your workflow and time in the office. With our system, we’ll automatically send reminders to patients of upcoming appointments through email, an automatic phone call and SMS text. 

Recall Protocol and Patient Subsets

Your practice determines the recall protocol based on commonly accepted guidelines and practice preference. Depending upon diagnosis, medication, laboratory values, demographics or multiple criteria you can recall subsets of your patients automatically. For annual or other routine visits, our recall function automatically reaches out to patients by phone and email.

Alerts are easily created based on diagnosis, age or any parameters you choose. You can fully customize communications for your practice, right down to recording your own personalized messages for automated phone call reminders.

Health Maintenance Reminders

Psychiatry Cloud has automated the process of recalling patients for checks or procedures. Your practice determines the protocols and the system will automatically alert patients by phone, SMS or email. Alerts are programmed in and can then be modified based on practice preference.

Group Therapy

Group Telehealth

This feature is designed to facilitate and manage virtual health sessions for multiple patients simultaneously. This allows healthcare providers to conduct group therapy sessions or consultations efficiently. Key functionalities include: seamless group appointment, automatic patient reminders, and secure video conferencing via Google Meet. This tool is ideal for providers looking to expand their telehealth offerings, enhancing accessibility and engagement while maintaining high standards of patient confidentiality and care.

Group Appointment

This Psychiatry Cloud feature allows for the creation of Patient Groups and the scheduling of group appointments. True to our commitment to ensure clinical excellence, this Group Appointments feature allows you to schedule multiple patients for the same appointment slot, offering enhanced flexibility.

Patient’s Information

Surescripts Record Locator & Exchange (RLE)

To have a clear view of your patient’s care outside of your office, access a 360-degree view of the patient, fostering better coordination and collaboration in patient care. Retrieve your patients’ clinical history information, locate their records and see where they have received care with Surescripts’ Record Locator and Exchange Service: a database with information on 233 million patients —71 percent of the U.S population.

Having all EHRs connected translates into more informed and confident care decisions. A fuller view of patient data means more accurate diagnoses and tailored treatment plans.

A wide range of healthcare stakeholders can derive significant benefits from the core functions of RLE, this includes: Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors, health systems, health plans, and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), all of whom are part of enhancing patient care.

Patient Lists for assigning providers

Each practice needs to know the patients in nursing home facilities to allocate them the correct provider. With our Patient List feature you’ll be able to track, edit and follow-up for “unscheduled” visits to patients in nursing home facilities.

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