RCM & Services Features

Here are some key features of how we help behavioral health practices operate more profitably, with software and services. More features and other services are available beyond the ones highlighted.


Customizable Psych Specific Superbill

Ensure all your services are correctly and promptly billed. With Psychiatry Cloud, set up your common diagnoses and commonly performed procedures just like your paper superbill. We start you with a default list of ICD and CPT codes that you can easily add or subtract to meet your needs.

Time-Based E/M Coding

Our platform offers coding advice and auto-selection of time-based coding with E/M codes, in compliance with coding guidelines.

This time-based coding algorithm helps providers accurately record and report the total time spent on activities, including those beyond the encounter time, assigning the correct CPT codes for them.
With our feature, you will be able to accurately document the total time spent with a patient on the day of the encounter, for both face-to-face and non face-to-face work —such as Note Preparation and Review of Medical Records.

Integrated EHR Billing

Simplify and streamline your billing with our Integrated EHR single unified system. Our clients using this feature have the lowest claim denial rate in the industry. With this feature, move your patients through the workflow and create an encounter note. The claim will be populated with appropriate demographics and charge codes. In an easy and accurate process, the claim will automatically be queued for billing. Ensure all services performed will be charged and paid. Our system follows claims so rejected claims can be instantly corrected and resubmitted.

Patient Scheduling and Billing Flow

The seamless flow of information between scheduling and billing systems optimizes revenue cycle management and contributes to the overall effectiveness and financial health of healthcare organizations. It improves financial performance, enhances the patient experience, streamlines workflows, supports financial accountability, and promotes compliance and audit readiness.

Comprehensive Reporting Tools

Our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) reporting tools enable the generation of valuable insights regarding practice revenue using thorough and precise data.

Eligibility Verification

Instant Eligibility

In order to have an efficient reimbursement process, Psychiatry Cloud has a feature of real-time Instant Eligibility Verification with patient responsibility. Together with other functionalities like Smart Coding and automated billing, you’ll be able to grow your practice more profitably.

Insurance Eligibility

Ensure healthcare providers have up-to-date and accurate information about patients’ insurance coverage. This helps avoid billing errors and ensures that patients receive the appropriate level of care based on their insurance status. Furthermore, this allows providers to submit claims promptly and accurately, thus reducing claim rejections and denials, leading to faster reimbursement and improved cash flow.


PCI Compliant Online System

Psychiatry Cloud has integrated with Global Payments’ ACH solution to streamline payment processes, reduce administrative burdens, and enhance financial operations.
ACH is an electronic check payment or eCheck payment system. To start processing ACH payments, users only need to enter the bank routing number and checking/savings account number for the payment to be processed.

Psych Specific MIPS Quality Measures

The Psychiatry Cloud’s patient portal complies with the newest MIPS quality measures requirements by ensuring secure electronic messaging with patients.
The measures available for reporting on Psychiatry Cloud are specified by QPP in the Mental/Behavioral Health Specialty Measure Set related to: Antidepressant Medication Management, Child and Adolescent Major Depressive Disorder (MDD), Dementia: Cognitive Assessment, Depression and Follow-Up Plan, among others.

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