How Tech Can Boost Your Practice’s Online Reputation

How Tech Can Boost Your Practice’s Online Reputation

In addition to reputations in their communities, psychiatrists today must grapple with online reputations that can reach millions across the globe. With this kind of reach, any bad publicity can have potentially far-reaching effects on a psychiatrist’s reputation and business. To manage this, mental health practitioners should take part in molding and shaping their online presence.

Here are areas where technology can play a role in reputation management.

Patient Portal

A patient portal offers behavioral health practitioners an interface through which to communicate with patients online. Once a patient has left your premises, you no longer have any direct contact with them unless you call them up, which most patients may find intrusive if it’s only related to your reputation management goals. However, with a patient portal, you can establish two-way communications to find out if your patients are happy with the service, offer them quick billing options, allow them to easily schedule appointments and so on. Through the use of a patient portal, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your practice. For example, forms and information can be put online for direct access. You can also add direct feedback channels such as a chat application that allows the patient to communicate with you or with your staff whenever they have a concern or query. 


Electronic Health Records or EHR is a burgeoning technology that is being advocated for by government agencies such as the CMS and ONC. While it may seem like EHRs are just useful for practitioners and their staff, they do have the power to benefit patients.

An EHR-based practice handles all the processing stages paperless, from scheduling, to finding your records, sharing your records with the doctor and/or your primary care giver, down to prescriptions, billing and follow-up messages. This increased efficiency has the power to boost your reputation as a practice that is fast, modern, very efficient and that offers its patients top-notch service always.

Having an EHR/ patient portal combo platform serves to improve your chances at having an exceptional reputation both online and offline. The reason why technology is such a huge driver for reputation management is that people have become accustomed to how technology makes their lives easier, at work and at home. When they come to your practice as patients, they expect no less.