Ensure Clinical Excellence

Are your physicians spending too much time on clinical documentation​?
Is your EHR tailored for your specialty?​
Do you have full visibility of your patients medical history from other providers?​

We’ll free you up to focus on patient care. Spend less time on administrative tasks with a complete EHR software that is tailored to your behavioral health practice.

Our Approach

As a physician-owned company, we’re passionate about caring for patients. We’ll ensure your patient care reflects your deep commitment to excellence.

Our EHR software for behavioral health practices will ensure you focus on taking care of your patients. To ensure clinical excellence in your medical practice we offer a complete suite of clinical features that include Psych Specific: Patient Online Forms (PHQ9, GAD 7, QIDS-SR); Notes Templates for common behavioral health conditions (anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD…); a PsychoSocial Assessment Tool; Standardized Psych Questionnaires (AIMS, DISCUS and CES-D); and Medication Management tools (ePA, EPCS, GDRs…). All these are EHR Clinical Features that we built specific for the physician patient care in behavioral health practices. We will also help you ensure clinical excellence by:

Behavioral health ehr & Clinical Exellence


Our leading EHR is tailored to your needs. We provide a wide range of Clinical Features so you can focus on patient care. From Patient Online Forms tailored to your needs, to Global Notes Templates for all common behavioral conditions, access to a PsychoSocial Assessment tool, Standardized Psych Questionnaires, and Medication Management tools… Our software will free you up from administrative burdens to have more time for outstanding patient care.

Count on reliable and experienced virtual assistants to support your practice promptly and seamlessly. They will oversee appointment and reminder setting to increase patient confirmation. Improve your practice excellence by facilitating timely and accurate patient registration and payments. Our virtual front desk assistants for psychiatry, psychology and behavioral health professionals will help you with collection, eligibility, and patient visits.

Have the freedom to practice the way you want and take care of all your patients, wherever they are. With our Behavioral Telehealth and Telepsychiatry, make virtual visits support your workflow with a secure and user-friendly platform, maintaining efficiency and continuity of care. Since behavioral health conditions can be treated effectively in a remote setting, ensure your patients have access to proper mental health care even when they can’t visit your facility.

A one-stop solution for clinical compliance and improvement – from measuring workflow training to weekly analysis of underperforming measures. Our proven process analyzes your practice for goals and performance gaps. Set up the program, reports and evaluate results.

We know ensuring medication adherence and monitoring potential fraud is key in your specialty. To improve patient safety we provide EPCS and reporting on GDRs. Enhance clinical efficiency and quality of care with better medication reconciliation, standardized documentation, and elevated patient tracking.  With our Medication Management and Lab Order Tracking, view tests history, automate reminders, recalls, and more.

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