Ensure Clinical Excellence

Are your physicians spending too much time on clinical documentation​?
Is your EHR tailored for your specialty?​
Do you have full visibility of your patients medical history from other providers?​

We’ll free you up to focus on patient care and less time on administrative tasks with tools, processes, guidance and staff training.

Our Approach

As a physician-owned company, we’re passionate about caring for patients. We’ll ensure your patient care reflects your deep commitment to excellence.

  • Identify known and hidden issues that can affect patient care driven by processes, lack of full visibility on medical histories and more
  • Ensure ICD and CPT codes are easily and accurately captured within notes
  • Get fuller medicare reimbursements
  • See progress reports with key metrics on the clinical aspects of your practice, and with recommendations for continual improvement
  • Get staff training to meet and improve performance on quality measures


Have immediate access to patient data and health records, accurate lab order tracking, and medication management. More than just software, we provide guidance that helps your practice improve clinical efficiency and quality of care for better patient outcomes, more patient satisfaction, and time saved. Features include quick chartingnote templates, and lab and medication and management.
Our professional team of remote assistants will back up your front desk and clinical team, promptly and seamlessly. Think of us as an insurance policy for your front office, to ensure nothing fall through the cracks, ensuring more time is spend on patient care. Our virtual front desk assistant for psychiatry can help with collection, eligibility, and Telehealth visits.
Make virtual visits complement your workflow with a secure and user-friendly Telehealth platform, maintaining efficiency and continuity of care.

A one-stop solution for clinical compliance and improvement – from measuring workflow training to weekly analysis of underperforming measures.
Our proven process analyze your practice for goals and performance gaps, set up the program, evaluate results, and report for your practice.

Enhance clinical efficiency and quality of care with better medication reconciliation, standardized documentation, and elevated patient tracking. View Rx history, automate reminders and recalls, and more with Medication Management and Lab Order Tracking.
Discover how your practice performs in terms of Quality Measures, Clinical Information Reconciliation, Labs, Medical Management, and Patient Access. Protect your practice from risk exposure with our Risk Mitigation service.

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