Grow Your Practice More Profitably

Are all your services completely, correctly, promptly billed and paid?
Is there a consistent flow of patients?
Does your practice have clear milestones and goals? Are they being measured?

We’ll systematically identify the root causes that lower your profits and revenue. By spending less time on administrative tasks and giving more focus on patient care, your practice’s reputation will increase making your business grow as a result.

Our Approach

As a physicians owned company, we provide more than tech. With our trusted, proven, data-driven experience we’ll take a holistic view of your practice, starting with an audit of your operations and financial metrics to walk you through the improvements of the issues that hurt your patient flow, billing and collections.

Get access to our complete suite of solutions and services tailored for Behavioral Practices that will enable your financial growth. From Billing support to full RCM services and reporting, we’ve got you covered. We know exactly what your practice needs in order to have an efficient reimbursement process with features like: Instant Eligibility verification, Smart Coding and automated billing. We also offer monitoring tools including time-based coding with E/M codes, and payment collection automation. Since we’ll be a dedicated partner that will be with you every step of the way, among other services we offer are:

Mental Health Billing Services


Get a structured, systematic review of your practice operations. Our proven methods will identify specific opportunities to increase the revenue and profitability of your practice.

Ensure there are no missed calls and full after hours support is in place. Our virtual front desk assistants for psychiatry, psychology and behavioral health professionals will take care of patient payments before the sessions. We provide full front desk coverage with a deep commitment to ensuring all patient interactions are handled. 

Attract new patients and be more visible online without the burden of managing your online presence. Get more positive reviews. We’ll automatically send them via text or email and monitor them on your behalf. Stand out from the competition with our full range of marketing services.

Adapt more easily to yearly reporting and changes in workflow and compliance. Get live assistance with attestation to minimize the risk of financial penalties. On-demand and live regulatory education are available. Our MIPS and clinical compliance services handle training, reporting, and more.

Ensure all services are correctly and promptly billed with our Smart Coding. Get paid fully. Our RCM team will follow up on billing claims within 24 hours of signing, address aged claims, denials, rejections, copays, handle payments and zero pays in a timely manner. Along with our billing services, as partners we will integrate every part of your practice so you can get paid quickly and accurately.

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