Improve Your Patient Experience

Is registration and scheduling fast and easy for your patients?
Are your waiting room times too long?
Are patients' FULL medical history available prior to each encounter?

We’ll identify and address the underlying causes that affect patient experience, and give you the tools, guidance and data to improve them. Say goodbye to inefficiencies, complicated systems and overwhelmed staff.

Our Approach

We ensure physicians focus on patient care, not administrative tasks. We identify and improve the root causes that affect the experience of your patients, so they’ll keep coming back and refer others.

  • Gain expert audits of all patient interactions and specific recommendations to improve
  • Make appointment scheduling easy and seamless
  • Reduce appointment wait times (with patient reminders and more)
  • Make it easy for patients to communicate with your practice, and give them access to charts
  • Ensure full medical history is factored into diagnosis and treatment
  • Improve patient satisfaction


Ensure patient inquiries are answered promptly and reflect well on your practice. Extend the bandwidth of your internal team, seamlessly and affordably. Our professional team of remote front desk assistants will back you up with collection, eligibility, and Telehealth visits.
Make empowered and engaged patients with a platform that allows them to schedule visits and receive appointment reminders. You also have the flexibility to create a schedule around the way you work. Our appointments and scheduling tools for psychiatry makes it all possible.
platform for mental health patients to track appointments, receive reminders, fill out forms, upload documents and more. Save patients’ time and enhance their experience.
Conduct virtual sessions with a secure and user-friendly Telehealth platform, maintaining continuity of care. Focus on empathetic patient experience, without technology getting in the way.
Our EHR for psychiatry reduce your administrative tasks so you can allocate more time and attention to what matters most: providing high-quality care to your patients.
Give patients the ability to send private, secure messages at their convenience, and get notified when you respond. Our patient messaging platform also allows them to access their health information such as lab results on demand.

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